Kerr reflects on tremendous player-coach success with Steph


There’s nothing quite like the relationship between a coach and a player. 

Back in 2014, a special bond was created when Steve Kerr and Steph Curry teamed up in the Bay after Kerr was named head coach of the Warriors.

After five consecutive NBA Finals appearances, three championships, and more recently, of course, Steph breaking the all-time NBA record for 3-pointers made -- among a long list of other impressive accomplishments -- Kerr said the pairing was “good strategically”
“I think we’ve been a really good fit together in terms of the way we both see the game and the way we feel about how it should be played,” Kerr told 95.7 The Game’s “Damon & Ratto”. 
Many had already referred to Steph as the greatest shooter of all time, but it became official when the Warriors star passed Ray Allen’s career 3-point record during Golden State’s 105-96 win over the New York Knicks on Tuesday. 
Though an individual accomplishment, Steph thanked a lot of people for helping him get to where he is today. 

“This is a career milestone because of everybody I got to suit up with, everyone that set screens for me, everybody that passed me the ball, everybody that believed in our offense and believed in winning and the process,” Curry said in the locker room after becoming 3-point king at Madison Square Garden. 

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And although Steph has changed the way the game is played with the way he shoots the ball, a lot of those shooting opportunities wouldn’t be possible without the way he moves without it -- another reason why Kerr thinks the player-coach duo has worked out so well.
“It’s been a great combo, clearly for me,” Kerr said. “I mean any coach would love to be paired with Steph Curry because he makes it so easy to coach a team. He just sets a culture with the way he carries himself day in and day out. 

“I think the pairing is good strategically too because I really learned the game from people like Gregg Popovich and Phil Jackson who really valued ball movement. It’s all about a five-man game, ball movement and player movement. Steph, what makes him so unique is his off-ball movement and his off-ball cutting. His ability to make threes in any fashion out on the floor.”

Similar to the dynamic duo that existed between Tim Duncan and Gregg Popovich or Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson, the world has watched and adored the relationship that has developed between Curry and Kerr. 
“I know that there are a lot of coaches who would love to be in my shoes, so I’ve just been incredibly blessed to be Steph’s coach here over the past seven and a half years.” 

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