Steve Kerr is doing his part to bring change to America.

The Warriors coach went to Oakland on Tuesday afternoon and spoke to young Black Lives Matter activists.

"I was with a group called the Black Organizing Project and they are working to convince the Oakland Unified School District basically to not have police on campus," Kerr explained on 95.7 The Game's "Damon, Ratto & Kolsky" show. "What I'm learning is you got to listen to the people in the communities that are affected. They're the ones who live the every day life, they're the ones who know everyone else in the community who understand the problem. 

"It's really important to work with grassroots organizations to understand that the people with boots on the ground are the ones who really know what's going on. And then you figure out how you can best support them.

"The fact is schools need more college counselors, they need more teachers, they need more psychologists, they need more people who can support the students -- rather than police them."

Kerr is fighting for racial equality and is trying to help any way he can. He understands how important it is for white people -- especially those with a platform -- to join the cause.

He is an empathetic leader who understands we are at a tipping point. The father of three children is all ears.

"What these people with the Black Organizing Project will tell you is that the schools themselves will find their own security system," Kerr explained. "So rather than bringing in a force that is counterproductive, we can spend our money more wisely and approach things a little differently.


"Reimagining how we're approaching life in the inner city is a huge part of all this."

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