Kerr discusses 'Draymond bias,' non-flagrant foul vs. Mavs

Draymond Green, Warriors

The Warriors haven’t shied away from defending Draymond Green against NBA officiating this season.

Coach Steve Kerr was the latest to stand up for the leader of his squad during Monday’s pregame video conference with reporters, when discussing the tough foul Green received from Kristaps Porzingis in Saturday’s loss to the Mavericks.

After Green knocked an inbounds pass loose in the fourth quarter, he took the ball up the court on the one-man fast break. As Green went up to score, Porzingis grabbed his left shoulder without making a real effort at the ball and tugged Green to the floor. The referees went to the monitor to review but deemed it to be a regular personal foul.

“I thought it was very dangerous,” Kerr said. “When a guy’s going up for a layup and you grab him from behind, even if you grab him by the arm or shoulder, it’s a very dangerous play. It was a borderline-flagrant [foul].

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“I didn’t realize the Draymond bias worked in reverse when he was on the receiving end of fouls. I thought it was only when he was doing the fouling.”


According to the NBA rule book, a flagrant 1 foul occurs with “unnecessary contact committed by a player against an opponent,” while a flagrant 2 foul has “unnecessary and excessive contact.”

There’s a strong case Porzingis’ foul should have been a flagrant 1. Can you imagine if Draymond fouled someone in the same fashion?


Earlier this year, Stephen Curry suggested Green’s reputation with younger officials may have led to his unwarranted ejection from a game. But Draymond’s fire is what makes him Draymond, so he probably won’t be cooling down any time soon.

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