Kerr on Twitter hiatus, discusses fans on social media

Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr has logged out of the Twittersphere.

The Warriors coach used to frequent Twitter to share his thoughts on things like politics, current events and University of Arizona basketball. But his account has been dormant since April and it’s by design.

Kerr spoke to The Athletic’s Marcus Thompson II about lessons he has learned during the Warriors’ tumultuous 2020-21 campaign and one of them included logging off social media.

“The beauty of it is that everybody cares so much,” Kerr told Thompson. “You’ve just got to embrace it. And trust me, when we lose the game, and I feel like I could have done something better, I feel s--tty. When we win, and I feel like I did a good job, I feel great. But that’s part of the appeal of the job. You’re living, you know? This is so great. Just the emotional rollercoaster. It has been exhausting.”

Dub Nation isn’t far away when you have Twitter open. 

Kerr noticed the all of the pushback he received for his February comments, when he said, “For me, for our organization, we're not throwing Steph out there for 40 minutes to chase wins.”

While Curry said he has “sick mind” and finds some sort of entertainment in the negativity and overreaction on social media, Kerr sounds like he has had enough, even if it means cutting off his primary news source.

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Kerr has always been candid with reporters in traditional media, but it’s hard to turn off the Twitter faucet when you have nearly 654,000 followers and coach one of the world’s most popular franchises.

“I’m a former broadcaster,” Kerr said. “I often speak words that maybe I should keep to myself. I should phrase things differently. I’m too honest sometimes.”

Just goes to show that no matter how big your account is, the mentions still matter. Good on Kerr for taking a step to maintain his mental health, because Warriors Twitter can be a toxic place when the team is losing.

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