Warriors fans react to meltdown at end of loss to Wizards

Andrew Wiggins fouls Bradley Beal

The Warriors let another win slip through their fingers Friday night, and this one will sting for a while.

Up three points with less than 20 seconds left in regulation, the Warriors melted down against the Washington Wizards and somehow found a way to lose 110-107.

The loss was avoidable, but crucial blunders turned the apparent victory into their 28th loss of the 2020-21 NBA season.

After Steph Curry hit a pair of free throws to put the Warriors up 107-104 with 19.5 seconds left, the common logic would have been for coach Steve Kerr to instruct his players to foul a Wizards player before they had a chance to attempt a game-tying 3-pointer.

The Warriors didn't foul ... until it was too late. After Russell Westbrook missed a wide-open 3-pointer at the top of the arc, Bradley Beal got the ball in the left corner, drained the game-tying shot and inexplicably got fouled by Andrew Wiggins.

Beal converted the free throw to give Washington the lead, but the Warriors still had a chance with 6.1 seconds remaining.

Out of the timeout, the Warriors ran a pick play that freed up Damion Lee, who received a pass from Draymond Green. Lee cut towards the basket and appeared to have a game-winning layup in his sights. Instead, it appears he was trying to pass to Wiggins in the corner. The Wizards deflected the ball and Beal ended up with it. He got fouled, went to the free-throw line and iced the game with two shots from the charity stripe.


The last two sequences, and the loss, left Dub Nation in disbelief. This was the type of game the Warriors need to win in order to make the playoffs. Now at 24-28, the Warriors are scratching and clawing just to hold on to the 10th and final spot.

Kerr told reporters after the game that everyone on the team will lose sleep over this loss.

Here's how Warriors fans reacted to the meltdown.

The good news for the Warriors is that the 14-38 Houston Rockets come to town Saturday, so Curry and Co. should be able to bounce back. If not, the season could really spiral out of control and the playoffs might be the next thing to slip through their fingers.

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