Warriors' Voters Win campaign was huge honor for Miguel Guerrero


On Election Day last year, Miguel Guerrero put on his Voters Win T-shirt with Congressman John Lewis on the back and prepared for a 14-hour day.

Guerrero, a Coordinator of Public Affairs for the Warriors, zipped around the polling place the Warriors hosted at their old practice facility in Oakland. Guerrero welcomed Governor Gavin Newsom and thousands of voters who filed into the gym to cast their ballots in the monumental 2020 election with record voter turnout. 

“It was honestly an honor of a lifetime, especially given such how important this past election was,” Guerrero said about running point for the Warriors’ Voters Win campaign.

His preparation had to be meticulous. Guerrero organized the set-up of an election site with social distancing and hygiene in mind during a pandemic. He managed an army of volunteers. And he navigated the web of election day rules to uphold the integrity of the voting process with city and county officials. 

His oversight in the Voters Win campaign expanded to ballot drop-off sites at Chase Center in San Francisco, Kaiser Permanente Arena in Santa Cruz and outside the Oakland Marriott on Broadway.

Guerrero had to check a million boxes of his own to execute a successful day. 

He remembers, “A really good, working, communicative relationship between my team and our Warriors colleagues, with those government stakeholders. Which is what Public Affairs is all about for us.”

Warriors guard Damion Lee helped volunteer at Chase Center ahead of Election Day

Guerrero’s background is ideal for Public Affairs. He went to UC Davis for Political Science and Economics. After years of working in politics at the local, state and federal levels, Guerrero noticed an opportunity to work for the team he grew up watching as a San Francisco native. 


He’s been on the job less than a year, but stepped up to tackle major projects for the Warriors with confidence. 

“Getting to combine my love of government and community service and getting to work for my favorite basketball team is really just an amazing opportunity,” he said. 

“I grew up a huge Warriors fan and I'm Filipino so basketball is a very big deal in the culture.”

Guerrero helped create AAPI Dubs, a resource group supporting Asian American and Pacific Islander employees. 

“I think is crucial, especially given a large population of AAPI Americans within the Bay Area. It made perfect sense for us to create a support organization for us to get together, share the special parts of our culture, as well as talking about issues that I think are really important to our community members."

Guerrero’s interview occurred before a gunman murdered eight people in Atlanta, six of them Asian women in a targeted attack, but Guerrero already was alarmed by the rise in violence impacting AAPI community members. 

“Especially in the wake of recent incidents of hate and violence ... I think seeing the outpouring of support from fellow community members, even outside of the community, just having those spaces within our workplace are really important and help us push the needle on those tough conversations.”

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When Guerrero considers all the things he gets to throw his heart into at work, he pauses to reflect. 

“I was not even aware that sports teams had an operation like this,” he explained, linking his love of basketball to his desire for impactful community work within Public Affairs. 

“To represent a storied franchise in basketball...both on and off the court is really, no pun intended, I think a slam dunk for my career and I’m really excited to see what we continue to do.”

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