Warriors who could be on chopping block before next season

Mychal Mulder

Roster reconstruction will be the No. 1 priority for the Warriors during the offseason. 

They have their franchise players in Steph Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson, and have found some foundational pieces in Andrew Wiggins, Juan Toscano-Anderson and Jordan Poole. Then there are the developmental projects such as James Wiseman

The biggest need for Golden State are some veteran players to fill out its rosters. There are a number of free agents the Warriors should target this summer, but in order for them to strike a deal, the Warriors will have to give up some players currently on the roster. Some will be for money, and others simply because there won't be enough roster spots to go around. 

So, who are the names on the Golden State chopping block?

Let's start with the obvious players: The young, end of the bench players. These guys are Nico Mannion, Alen Smilagic and Mychal Mulder. 

Mulder did pick up a lot of minutes towards the end of the season because of the mounting injuries and did well in that slot. However, with Thompson coming back, Mulder is going to be pushed further down the bench. If Kelly Oubre Jr. and Kent Bazemore -- who are both free agents -- return, they will be Thompson's understudy and third-stringer, leaving Mulder with little to no time. Because of that, he would be easy to let go of in order to get a more veteran player. 


In a similar vein, Mannion and Smalagic will not see much playing time and won't have a big impact on anything the team does. The question the Warriors have to ask themselves is how much is developing these players worth? With other young talents who already have proved they can have a positive impact on winning now, trading more development projects for an already established vet would be worth it for Golden State. 

Another name that could be on the chopping block is Eric Paschall. Paschall was tremendous for the Warriors his rookie year two seasons ago. But this year there was a drastic drop in production. That was in part because injuries kept him out. It was also because his role with the Warriors became extremely murky. 

His first year in the league, he filled in a lot for Green. And early this season, Paschall was the clear backup for him, in addition to playing small-ball center. But with the emergence of Toscano-Anderson, when Paschall was healthy, he was not depended on. 

Paschall and Toscano-Anderson are not the same players. But, they are similar enough where if the opportunity came for the Warriors to sign a veteran big man, or one who could also be plugged in a small-ball five, Paschall would be the one to go out of him and Toscano-Anderson.

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Of course, other members of the Warriors' roster can be used as trade assets. Poole's stock has never been higher, and although Wiseman didn't play much, or very consistently, he should still be considered a hot commodity around the NBA. 

But, if the Warriors are looking to make a trade -- especially for a veteran player who isn't going to be looking for the moon and sun in terms of pay -- these four names should be at the top of the list for the Warriors to make room for a new player. 

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