Perkins believes Warriors will draft Wiseman, not Avdija


We're less than a month away from the 2020 NBA Draft, and no one has any idea how the first few picks will play out.

The Warriors, who hold the No. 2 overall selection, have been tied to several of the top prospects, including Israeli wing Deni Avdija.

On Thursday, The Athletic's Ethan Strauss wrote that the Warriors were "blown away after meeting" Avdija. But ESPN's Amin Elhassan, Kendrick Perkins and Richard Jefferson played the "Something, Nothing or Everything" game during Friday's episode of "The Jump," and weren't buying that report for one minute.

Elhassan, who used to work in the Phoenix Suns' front office, called it "subterfuge season."

"Everything you hear is going to be full of you-know-what," Elhassan said.

Perkins dismissed the rumor because he seems to believe he knows which player the Warriors will draft.

"I think it's nothing," Perkins said. "You know why? Because the Warriors going to draft [James] Wiseman. That's what they need. They need a big man, so yeah, I understand he might have had an impressive workout in front of them. And that's part of Bob Myers. Look, Bob Myers was my agent, and I know how Bob Myers works.

"He played those mind games and say, 'Oh, he's blown away.' But deep down, they know they're going to draft Wiseman. They need a big. He's right there in the making for them. So they have to grab him."


Obviously, Perkins has no idea if the Warriors will draft Wiseman or not, but Golden State has been tied to the Memphis product. The Athletic's Marcus Thompson reported Friday that the Warriors were impressed with Wiseman.

"Wiseman is as big and skilled as advertised," Thompson wrote. "They also liked him when they had their conversation/interview or whatever it was.

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But as Elhassan said, it's "subterfuge season." Take everything said about prospects over the next few weeks with a grain of salt.

The Warriors might draft Avdija. They might draft Wiseman. They might not draft either of them. They might trade the pick.

No one knows what will happen right now, certainly not Perkins.