Was Steph, Draymond yelling 'boom' aimed at Wolves' Beasley?


It’s a small phrase with big significance. At least on Monday, that’s what it appeared to be.

In the Warriors’ 130-108 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves, Steph Curry could be heard saying “boom” after hitting a few big fourth-quarter 3-pointers.

The word carried so much weight, it was asked about in his postgame press conference. Both Curry and Draymond Green dodged the questions, however.

It appeared to originate during the fourth quarter when Wolves guard Malik Beasley threw down a one-handed dunk with a little under seven minutes remaining in the game. It was pretty, we’ll give him that -- but you could hear him yell “boom” on the court after it had taken place.

After the dunk, the Warriors called timeout and Steph returned to the game. Curry scored 15 of his 36 points in a four-minute span to finish off the victory, and seemingly returned the favor to Beasley with those audible "booms" of his own.

Steph coyly avoided answering the question about the word after the game.

“Just great vibes all the way around, enjoying a win -- that’s it,” Steph told reporters.

Draymond also hopped in on the trend in his postgame presser, exchanging a "boom" with Juan Toscano-Anderson and ending his presser with it as well.

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This came after a start to the game where the Warriors made lineup adjustments that paid immediate dividends. Rookie James Wiseman is taking on more of an off-the-bench role with Kevon Looney taking over starting duties. Meanwhile Andrew Wiggins has continued to shine and has proven he’s a steady two-way contributor. He finished the game with 23 points against his former team.



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