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Warriors guard Shaun Livingston does not typically close games.

But in Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Sunday night in Toronto, the Dubs were without Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Kevon Looney.

So with 51.6 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, Steve Kerr put Livingston back on the floor.

That turned out to be an incredible decision because the 33-year old kind of saved the day against the Raptors:

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Ballgame. NBA Finals tied at one game apiece.

“The way Shaun Livingston met that pass, I think that no one will write about that,” Draymond Green told reporters In Toronto on Sunday night. “We all joke amongst us of bad receivers and good receivers. I always call Kevin (Durant) a bad receiver. I always call Shaun a bad receiver.

"He turned into a Megatron (Calvin Johnson) tonight for that pass. It was big for us.”

Now go back and watch the above video again.

And then go ahead and watch it 50 more times.


That moment between Andre Iguodala and Livingston is the kind of stuff that will get talked about years (and decades) from now when people reminisce about this Warriors era.

Steph Curry, KD, Klay and Draymond get most of the headlines -- and deservedly so.

But if Golden State goes on to win this series, Livingston's catch and pass to Iguodala for the dagger triple will deserve its moment in history.

Not bad for a guy who is considering retiring at the end of the season, and another guy who doesn't get the universal respect he deserves because he doesn't put up gaudy numbers and sacrificed personal statistics for winning.

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"We've come to expect Andre to hit big shots," Green said. "Since he's been here, I've seen him hit several game-winners. I've seen him put the icing on the cake of several wins."

The Warriors can only hope that Iguodala helps put the icing on three more wins this season.

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