Watch Draymond's epic trash talk to Celtics' Williams


Draymond Green delivered a couple of devastating lines directed at Boston Celtics forward Grant Williams on Sunday night.

Green, who got chippy with several Celtics players early in the Warriors' blowout victory in Game 2 of the NBA Finals was standing on the free-throw line when he shared a message for Williams.

"You're not me," he appeared to say. "You're not me. You want to be me."

Green and Williams went after it early in the game with a bit of pushing and shoving while the Warriors were on offense. Green was whistled for a technical foul soon afterwards. So, it's no surprise Green had a thing or two to say to Williams in the third quarter as Golden State was blowing the game wide open.

The funny thing is, Green's chirp isn't exactly inaccurate. Ahead of the NBA Finals, Williams told reporters he did, in fact, admire Green's tenacity while watching the Warriors' dynasty win its first championship in 2015.

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"I was in college and I remember watching the game, I was going for the Warriors back in the day because I was a Draymond guy and that was a fun moment for me because my teammates were all going for [LeBron James]," Williams said. "... All these guys were betting on the Cavs and when they beat them, I talked so much trash for a week."


From fan to foe, Williams is getting the full Draymond experience.

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