Watch Klay, Rocco's 'invigorating' boat ride to practice


If you’re commuting to San Francisco from anywhere else in the Bay Area, you understand the struggle. 

But even NBA champions have to get creative with their means of transportation, something Warriors star Klay Thompson is all too good at. 

From boating across the Bay to biking into playoff games, nothing is off the table when it comes to the Splash Bro. 

And on Thursday, Thompson and his best fur friend Rocco chose to get to Chase Center for Warriors practice via the ocean. 

Traveling from the North Bay to the City took about half an hour, and it was a joyful cruise, to say the least. The fresh air and blue waters give Thompson some time to reflect and look at things from a different perspective after all he’s been through. 

“Close to priceless”, “spectacular” and “invigorating” were just some of the words Thompson used to sum up how he feels sailing through the sea. 

With a cup of coffee in his hand, cruising through the Pacific Ocean with his best pal Rocco could only result in a great day. 

“[It’s] so nice to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city sometimes, too, and see it from this perspective,” Thompson said. “It gives you a whole new appreciation of San Francisco and how beautiful she is.” 

After suffering consecutive injuries that kept him away from the court for 941 days, times were tough for the 32-year-old. While rehab helped him get back to a good place physically, being on his boat helped him mentally. 


“When I would take [my boat] to the gym, it just put life in perspective, like man, I get to grind to live like this and it helped me so much,” Thompson said. “Just something about the ocean that’s calming and therapeutic and resets your whole soul. I was out here so much when I was able to after I got the cast off and the boot, and man, it was really good days during some not-so-fun times.” 

Thompson made his highly-awaited comeback in the middle of last season, bringing his beloved energy back to the floor and on the sidelines. 

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After winning his fourth NBA championship, he lived his best life all offseason while finally enjoying a rehab-free summer. 

After not playing in any of the Warriors’ first four preseason contests, Thompson will take the floor for the preseason finale vs. the Denver Nuggets on Friday at Chase Center. 

“I’m just trying to literally enjoy every single minute I'm on the floor, I'm on the bench, the pregame prep, travel days, all of it because it goes by so fast and we can’t do this forever, unfortunately,” Thompson said. “So I'm just trying to embrace this while I'm still healthy and able.” 

And like the rest of Dub Nation, Rocco can’t wait to see Thompson back in action with a healthy body -- and mindset -- as he enters his 12th season in the league. 

“Rocco’s juiced,” Thompson said. “That’s a wrap at Chase Center. It’s time to go to work!” 

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