Things went pretty well for the Warriors in the third quarter of their blowout win over the Los Angeles Lakers on Monday. Well, mostly. 

Up by 36 points with just over two minutes to go in the quarter, Stephen Curry had nothing but open space ahead of him. He had plenty of time for a rare dunk ... until he slipped and fell when he tried to jump. 

To make matters worse for the sharpshooter, he then badly missed the ensuing 3-point attempt. 

"Back-to-back hilarious plays," Curry told reporters in Los Angeles. "Happens to the best of us."

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Curry can take solace in the fact that it probably wasn't entirely his fault. In addition to the usual culprit of "sweat," the Lakers weren't the only Staples Center to use the arena on Monday. The NHL's Los Angeles Kings skated to a 4-3 win in the afternoon over the St. Louis Blues.


TNT analyst Chris Webber mentioned the possibility on the broadcast.


Curry was asked about the Kings game, but he had other ideas as to why he couldn't land the dunk.

"I have no idea [if the ice was at fault]," Curry said. "You see, like, a kid walking into a candy store with the whole half-court empty. I was going to try something real nice that I haven't tried before [but] the Lord wouldn't let me do it."

If the ice was actually at fault, the eight other NBA teams who share a building with an NHL tenant may be wondering why they didn't think of it first when trying to slow down the Warriors.