Watch Steph's son Canon adorably show off basketball skills


Let's hope this cleanses your timeline a little bit today.

Steph Curry's main man Canon, his young son, was showing off some dribbling skills to prove that the apple doesn't fall far from the MVP tree.

And it's the cutest thing you will see today, as captured by Steph's wife Ayesha.

Canon even does Steph's signature point at the end, and he's sporting an Under Armour shirt to really complete the look. 


Steph dropped a career-high 62 points against the Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday with similar skills -- OK, a bit more advanced -- like the ones Canon is showing off. 

Steph's dribbling routine has become a classic part of his pregame ritual before Warriors games, and it looks like Canon is well on his way to getting it down like his dad. Ayesha joked Canon would have it down in "three years" in her original post.

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We knew Steph would leave a legacy on the court, but it appears Canon is well on his way to doing the same. 

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