What advice Pat Riley gave Warriors GM Myers during meal in Vegas


Bob Myers joined the Warriors in April 2011 as assistant general manager. He was promoted to general manager one year later, and added the title "president of basketball operations" in September 2016.

During an appearance on 95.7 The Game's "The Morning Roast" show Wednesday morning, Myers -- who is 45 years old -- was asked how long he sees himself in his current role.

Does he want to be like the Miami Heat's Pat Riley and hold this job into his 70s?

"The thing that I've gotten on this journey is to see all sides of the coin," Myers said. "A lot of people that sit in this chair never make it to the (NBA) Finals, never win a championship. I have the honor and distinction of saying we had the best record ever, and we won 15 games last year (laughter).

"The thing you have to do in this business is try the best you can to stay even (emotionally). It's not easy."

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The two-time NBA Executive of the Year then circled back to the man who won one NBA title as a player, one as an assistant coach, five as a head coach and two as an NBA executive.

"Speaking of Pat Riley -- a few summers ago at Summer League in Las Vegas, I said, 'Pat, you want to get something to eat?' " Myers explained. "So we sat down -- and this was in the midst of our run [of going to the NBA Finals five straight years] -- and I asked him for his advice on things.


"Pat looked me in the eyes and said, 'There's nothing more important than winning.' And I kind of tried to say, 'Well, what about your family and stuff like that?' Pat is a great guy and he's got a great family.

"But I almost could tell he was struggling with that part. He was almost like, 'Well, you know (laughter) ... winning is important (laughter).' 

"His desire to win is real. That's not a facade. His motivation, his discipline, his passion -- it is deep in there. That is great and that is awesome.

"In this job, you get to talk to people like that. That's one of my favorite parts of it."

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Myers did not explicitly answer the question, but you gotta love the storytelling.

The Bay Area native signed a multiyear contract extension with Golden State in June 2019.

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