What Dirk would yell at TV when watching Steph in playoffs

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A very special moment most likely will take place Monday night at Chase Center.

Steph Curry is 19 points away from passing Wilt Chamberlain and becoming the Golden State Warriors' all-time leading scorer, so it's safe to assume we will see some history when the Warriors face the Denver Nuggets.

Since the two-time NBA MVP entered the NBA as the No. 7 overall pick in the 2009 draft, he has helped revolutionize basketball.

"Just to make it cool to pull up from anywhere when you cross half court," Dirk Nowitzki told ESPN's Nick Friedell. "He's the first guy to start shooting those deep 3s. Now everybody pulls up from the logo easily, but Steph was kind of the first guy.

"I've told these stories -- when I was watching him in those playoff runs and the building there was rocking, he'd come across half court and I'm yelling at the TV, 'Shoot the ball! Like, what are you waiting on?' 

"I'm fired up. He's one of my favorite players to watch. He's definitely changed the game from a shooting perspective."

Dirk basically is just like every Warriors fan across the globe.

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Curry is averaging 29.9 points this season, while shooting 41.2 percent from the beyond the arc on 11.6 attempts per game.

The three-time NBA champion is second in career 3-pointers made (2,709), and should supplant Ray Allen (2,973) about midway through next season.


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