What Draymond enjoyed about LeBron's smart play vs. Rondo


When you bring two people together with high basketball IQs like Draymond Green and LeBron James, you could only imagine the conversation that would ensue.

The Warriors star broke down one of LeBron's very intelligent plays from the Lakers’ 107-99 win over the Atlanta Hawks on Monday.

“This play is so great!! Bron outsmarted [Rajon] Rondo,” Draymond wrote in the Instagram comments. “Two smartest players in the game.” 

Draymond continued: “Rondo knew he should’ve kept going with Kuz [Kyle Kuzma], but didn’t want to break the zone,” he said. “Bron used it against him.”

If you watch the play, behind Hawks forward Danilo Gallinari, Rondo appears to start running towards Kuzma, then freeze for a second after LeBron goes behind his back. This allows just enough time for LeBron to pass it to his teammate in the corner.

Most of us only would see Gallinari, but there’s Rondo watching the play in its entirety and he’s 100 percent on LeBron’s radar. 


Draymond has been dubbed one the sport’s most brilliant basketball minds, so to say game recognizes game is an understatement. In this scenario, it goes outside of just athletic ability. 

We know how smart LeBron is, but Rondo is just as well-known for his basketball IQ as well. 

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Rondo’s former head coach with the Kings, George Karl, who was rumored to have a tough relationship with Rondo, once said, “There's book smart, street smart, and basketball smart, in my opinion, but Rajon is pretty intelligent all the way around."


Imagine what these three could talk about sitting around the dinner table. 

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