What Draymond had to tell JTA early in crucial Grizzlies game

Draymond Green Juan Toscano-Anderson

Juan Toscano-Anderson last week signed a contract with the Warriors that includes fully guaranteed money next season.

And on Wednesday night, he will battle against LeBron James and Anthony Davis in the NBA play-in tournament with a berth in the playoffs on the line.

"The signing of the contract came and [went]," he told the media Tuesday afternoon. "I don't play this game for the money. I'm not even thinking about that. The money for me is just extra. I'm excited for every game I play. This is the biggest game of my life. I don't even know what to say about it. I'm just all smiles.

"Draymond [Green] had to tell me the other day, 'You gotta chill,' because before the Memphis [Grizzlies] game [last Sunday] I just kept telling him, 'I'm so excited, I'm so excited.' And I got kind of burned out a little bit. The first few possessions of the game I had some defensive mistakes.

"He told me, 'You can't get that excited. You gotta stay calm.' So I am super excited about the contract. I'm not dismissive of that milestone in my life, but this is much more exciting. I get to play basketball vs the Lakers at Staples Center -- it's like the NCAA Tournament."

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Toscano-Anderson effectively calmed down, as he recorded nine points (4-for-7 from the field), four rebounds, two steals and one assist in the Warriors' big win over the Grizzlies. He was plus-10 in 27 minutes.


The Oakland native who goes by "JTA" gives tremendous quotes, and quickly has become a fan favorite with his all-around play.

And if the Warriors pull off the upset at Staples Center, it's safe to assume Toscano-Anderson will play a key role.

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