What Draymond yelled in locker room after Warriors' big win

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The Warriors picked up an important win Monday night over the New Orleans Pelicans, as they led by as many 25 points en route to a 123-108 victory.

They enter Tuesday in eighth place in the Western Conference, four games ahead of the No. 11 seed Pelicans -- who now trail the San Antonio Spurs by 2.5 games for the No. 10 spot.

With New Orleans seemingly hanging on by a thread, what kind of punch does Steve Kerr expect from the Pelicans in the teams' second head-to-head matchup in as many nights?

"We obviously needed to come down here and get at least one to hold them off, otherwise they're breathing down our necks," Kerr told the media after Monday's win. "But we've got bigger sights ahead. We want to avoid that 9-10 spot, and get into the 7-8 spot so we have two cracks at winning one. That's a big deal. That's what our focus is.

"We [the coaching staff] walked into the locker room and Draymond [Green] was yelling at the guys, 'We came here to get two [wins].' Draymond's right."

Getting the No. 8 seed would be huge because even if the Warriors lose their road play-in game against the No. 7 seed, they then would get to host the winner of the game between the No. 9 and No. 10 seeds with the winner of that matchup securing the No. 8 seed in the first round of the playoffs.


As Kerr said: "Two cracks at winning one."

The Warriors lead the Grizzlies for the coveted No. 8 seed by 0.5 games, and the two franchises square off at Chase Center on the final day of the regular season.

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It sure seems like we are heading towards a situation in which in the winner of that showdown will enter the play-in tournament in the No. 8 spot.

It should be a very entertaining next 13 days.

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