Twenty-nine other teams wish they had taken Eric Paschall in the 2019 NBA Draft.

Luckily for the Warriors, they were able to snag the Villanova star with the No. 41 overall draft pick.

And luckily for Paschall, he got drafted into a situation where he's surrounded by veterans with championship pedigree.

Despite the Warriors' disappointing season, Paschall has gotten a rare chance to play a lot. He's averaging 27.6 minutes per game, eighth-most among all rookies and most among all second-round draft picks.

But being around veterans like Draymond Green, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and others has taught Paschall valuable lessons on and off the court.

Paschall took part in a Twitter Q&A on the NBA's official account Sunday and was asked what he has learned from his teammates this season.

"I learned how to take care of your body during the long season," Paschall said. "I mean, your vets got to definitely teach you, as a rookie, how to know how to take care of yourself and do all the right things on and off the court to make sure you're fresh during the whole season."

The Warriors own the worst record in the NBA this season (15-50), but the ability to let Paschall play will benefit both parties in seasons to come.

As coach Steve Kerr told The Athletic last week, Paschall's development has made this a successful season despite the team's record.


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The Warriors expect Paschall to be a big part of their future as they hope to return to NBA title contention next season with a healthy roster and a few free-agent acquisitions.