Bob Myers and the Warriors' front office have some big decisions to make this offseason.

The Warriors have already started preparing for a massively important NBA draft, but Myers and Co. can kick things into high gear once the 2019-20 season finally concludes.

They'll know exactly where their 2020 first-round pick sits in the draft order, and then the Warriors can start to decide if they want to keep the pick and use it on one of the top prospects, or if they want to try to package the draft pick for an established NBA player.

Earlier this week, NBC Sports Bay Area's Alex Didion proposed a hypothetical trade in which the Warriors acquired Indiana Pacers center Myles Turner and wing TJ Warren for Andrew Wiggins and Eric Paschall. 

With that in mind, NBC Sports Bay Area asked Warriors fans to share the trades they would like to see the team make this offseason.

The first trade we'll discuss is a four-team doozy with the Pacers, Denver Nuggets and Orlando Magic that includes 10 players and six draft picks.

In this deal, the Warriors would acquire center Turner and Warren from the Pacers, guard Will Barton from the Nuggets, and Denver's 2020 first-round draft pick via Houston Rockets.

The Warriors would have to send quite a bit in this mammoth trade: Kevon Looney and cash would go to the Pacers, Wiggins, Mychal Mulder and cash would go to the Magic, and the Warriors' 2020 first-round pick, Minnesota's 2021 second-round pick, Damion Lee and cash would go to the Nuggets.


On paper, this looks like a great trade for the Warriors. Turner fills their void at center, and he would form a dynamic defensive duo with Draymond Green. In 2018-19, Turner led the NBA by averaging 2.7 blocks over 74 games. Warren would likely replace Wiggins in the Warriors' starting lineup, and Barton gives the Warriors an instant-offense player off the bench. Plus, the Warriors would also acquire a first-round pick in this year's draft, though that pick projects to be around No. 21.

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If there is one negative to this trade, it's that the Nuggets -- one of the best teams in the Western Conference -- would add a top talent with the Warriors' top-5 draft pick.

The next fan offered up three different, smaller trades. In this case, we'll pick our favorite of the three.

In my opinion, Kelly Oubre Jr. would be a great addition for the Warriors. The former No. 15 overall draft pick is averaging 18.7 points per game this year, his first full season with the Phoenix Suns. The 24-year-old is set to make a little over $14 million in 2020-21, so the Warriors would be using the majority of the $17.2 million Andre Iguodala trade exception. And in a draft where there is not clear top player, moving down to around No. 10 or No. 11 isn't a terrible idea.

Now, we move into the Giannis Antetokounmpo section of this exercise.

The first option involves sending Draymond, Wiggins and the 2020 first-round pick to the Milwaukee Bucks for the reigning NBA MVP.

I like the creativity of this trade, and while acquiring Giannis is appealing -- and probably the Warriors' endgame -- I would be hesitant to break up the Warriors' core three of Draymond, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. I understand that might be a minority view, but I'm standing by it.

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The next Giannis trade is the one I would prefer, but it would be much, much tougher for the Warriors to pull off.

While the Warriors would be trading Wiggins in this hypothetical trade, Anthony Slater of The Athletic believes the Warriors would have to move Thompson in order to make all the money work. That would be a tough pill to swallow for the Warriors and their fans.

Of course, you have this Bucks fan ruining the dreams of Warriors fans.


The Warriors very likely will make a blockbuster trade this offseason, but one fan believes they should make the selection with their 2020 first-round draft pick and ride with the roster as currently constructed.

I'm not opposed to this option, but it depends on how good the Warriors think Wiggins will be as the third option on offense, and who they are able to get with the top-5 pick. If Wiggins is another version of Harrison Barnes in the Warriors' offense, it might make more sense to move on from him.

Lastly, our very own Grant Liffmann decided to stir the pot by throwing out three names he'd pursue, while not offering trade packages: Turner, Joel Embiid or Ben Simmons.

I've already discussed my affinity for Turner, so let's focus on the Philadelphia 76ers stars. Without knowing the package the Warriors would have to give up, we'd love to see Embiid in a Warriors uniform. He would add a dimension for the Warriors' offense that they haven't had at the center position. He can space the floor and knock down 3-pointers.

I'm not as high on Simmons on the Warriors as others are, if only because he's not a threat to score from the outside. If the Warriors kept Draymond in this scenario, they would have two players on the court who defenders could sag off of. But Simmons could take advantage of the spacing created by the threat of Curry and Thompson on the perimeter. And Simmons' defense along with Thompson and Green would overwhelm other teams.

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As you can see, these are not easy decisions. Myers and his team might have to make an unpopular decision and part with a member of the core three. Or they might have to unload the entire cupboard of assets.

I'm certainly glad none of us are in Myers' position.