What Klay yells at Steph from Warriors' bench during games

Curry, Thompson

Steph Curry and Klay Thompson clearly have a special relationship.

The Splash Brothers are the faces of the Warriors' franchise and two of the most prolific shooters in the NBA. They display a vast amount of chemistry on the court and an even better friendship off of it. 

But when it comes to helpful advice off the bench, well, there's room for improvement.

Thompson will miss his second straight season, this time as he recovers from a torn Achilles tendon, but he joined the Warriors' bench recently and even started traveling with the team this week. When Curry was asked if Thompson had said anything helpful to the two-time NBA MVP during games, Curry was swiftly honest.

"No, he just yells 'shortbread' every time I miss a shot that hits the front rim," Curry said. "That's a pet peeve of mine as a shooter."

"He knows how to rattle me on that one" Curry said with a laugh.

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Even with Thompson out, the dynamic duo still has managed to share plenty of laughs this season, like when Thompson channeled his inner "Reporter Klay" and interviewed Curry after the Warriors' win over the Detroit Pistons on Saturday.

Sure, there's probably nowhere Thompson and Curry would like more than to be back on the court together, but for now, hearing their banter on the sidelines is the next best thing.

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