What makes guarding Steph 'horrible' to Eric Bledsoe

Steph Curry

For how great it must be to have Steph Curry on your side, imagine how frustrating he must be for the opposition. He isn't just the greatest shooter the game has seen -- he also can cross you and set screens for his Warriors teammates all while making the court his own personal race track. 

Eric Bledsoe entered the NBA one year after Curry and has chased the Warriors' superstar plenty of times in his career. In the Warriors' 105-90 win Sunday over Bledsoe and the LA Clippers, the veteran guard was reminded just how frustrating it is trying to contain Curry.

"It's horrible because sometimes you think you got him covered," Bledsoe said to reporters. "They'll get ball movement for a wide-open layup and turn it down just to look for him for a three. By the time you turn your head, you think they're gonna lay the ball up and he's on the other side of the court shooting a three.

"It's tough, he draws so much attention."

Entering the fourth quarter on Monday, Curry had been somewhat cold while scoring 20 points. But then Angry Steph showed up after receiving a technical foul for snapping on a referee after the official failed to call a foul on a Curry layup attempt. After that, it was over for the Clippers. 

Curry was called for the technical foul with 9:07 left in the fourth quarter. He had 22 points at the time. He then made three straight 3-pointers before dancing all over the Clippers. Curry scored 11 points following the tech while going 4-for-5 from the field. He finished with a game-high 33 points, made seven 3-pointers and was a plus-14.

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Blink and the game is over at the hands of Curry. 

That can't be fun. At least, not for the Clippers.

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