What Moody learned in rookie season by watching Steph closely


Moses Moody’s first year in the NBA went as well as a rookie could hope.

The 20-year-old helped the Warriors win their fourth championship in eight seasons, he made major strides on the court and, perhaps most importantly, he was able to learn from some of the best athletes the game has to offer.

The opportunity to soak in Steph Curry’s greatness wasn’t lost upon Moody, who found that using his eyes rather than asking questions was more beneficial for him in the long run.

“I try to pay attention as much as I can with guys like that,” Moody told reporters Sunday during Warriors Media Day. “Steph is a kind of introverted person; I wouldn’t even want to say that because he is outgoing and talkative and everything.

“But when I observe and I try to soak up the knowledge from older guys, I try not to just ask questions because I feel like when somebody is giving advice, they will give a different response than they do when they actually do [it].”

Moody should see an increase in minutes this season, along with the rest of his fellow youngsters, as the Warriors’ veteran core enters the campaign another year older. 

When it comes to the greatest shooter of all time, Moody spent the last season paying attention not only to Curry’s play on the court but what he does off of it, too.


“Like if I’m asking tips on how to shoot, he might tell me what his trainer is telling him,” Moody continued. “But if I observe and see how he actually shoots, then I feel like I can get more realistic feedback.

“And that goes for shooting, that goes for off the court, that goes for how you carry yourself, how you carry your business and things like that. Just observing and trying to figure things out as much as I can.”

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The now second-year pro had a front-row seat last season as Curry won NBA Finals MVP and broke the league’s 3-point record -- just two examples of the 34-year-old’s sustained greatness over the years.

And as Moody watches and learns from Curry, Dub Nation can expect some of those lessons to show up in his play this season. 

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