What Kerr texted Myers from couch during Game 6 vs. Grizzlies


When Steve Kerr was forced to watch the final three games of the Warriors’ Western Conference semifinals matchup against the Memphis Grizzlies from home, he needed someone to talk to. 

His wife, Margot, couldn’t handle his animated reactions to the close-out Game 6 on Friday and had to watch TV in a different room. His coaching staff and players were all battling it out at Chase Center as he recovered from COVID-19 on his couch.

So who did Kerr vent to? Enter Golden State’s general manager, Bob Myers.

Myers told NBA.com's Mark Medina that he and Kerr touched base “quite a bit” as the coach was in health and safety protocols, and the pair would even text during games.

“It was so tough. I felt bad for him,” Myers told Medina. “His whole season is geared up to make the playoffs and coach in the playoffs. Not to get that opportunity was brutal.”

And what else was there to text about during the pivotal Game 6 other than -- you guessed it -- the Warriors’ turnovers. Luckily, Myers was there to sympathize with Kerr’s plight.

“But he was texting me in Game 6 [vs. Memphis], ‘Why are we turning it over?’ I said, ‘Yeah, absolutely that’s a problem,’” Myers told Medina with a laugh. “It’s weird to have your head coach text you during the games. But it’s fine and he’s back now. I just felt bad for him.”

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Everything is more than fine as Golden State overcame its 107 turnovers -- 17 during Game 6 -- in the second round to advance to the team’s sixth West finals in eight seasons.

They’ll certainly need to clean things up as they prepare to face the Dallas Mavericks in Game 1 at Chase Center on Wednesday, but their fearless leader Kerr will be back on the sidelines to motivate them -- in person.

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