What two NBA execs believe Warriors will do with T-Wolves pick

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The 2021 NBA Draft Lottery finally is upon us, and we will get some important answers Tuesday night.

When it comes to the top-three protected lottery pick the Minnesota Timberwolves owe the Warriors, two league executives shared their thoughts to Bleacher Report's Jake Fischer.

"If they're at No. 4, I think they keep their pick," one Western Conference staffer said. "If they're at No. 6 or No. 7, I think they're gonna offer it for what they can get."

"I would package [James] Wiseman and those two picks and see what that gets you," one assistant general manager said.

If the pick lands in the top-3, the Warriors instead will receive Minnesota's 2022 unprotected first-rounder.

And when it comes to Wiseman, Golden State sounds very committed to keeping the 20-year-old center.

"It would take a lot to make me and Bob [Myers] think about doing anything like that [trading Wiseman]," Warriors owner Joe Lacob said on The TK Show podcast with The Athletic's Tim Kawakami. "People who talk like that -- they don't understand the cap [and] they don't understand the economics of the NBA.

"We need young players under good contracts to intersperse with what is already the highest payroll in the history of the NBA ... you just can't keep adding the luxury tax [and] the repeater [tax]. It's not possible. It's just not possible ... we have to sort of try to bridge a gap between now and the future.


"If something came along that blew us away, all bets are off. But I think it's extremely unlikely. I think we're gonna roll with James Wiseman, the emerging Jordan Poole -- [who] turned out to be a great draft choice -- and two lottery picks in a great draft.

"I think that's a great way to go."

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It goes without saying, but plans quickly can change in the NBA.

So the time between now and the draft on July 29 should be fascinating.

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