What Lacob sees for Draymond after playing career ends


Warriors owner Joe Lacob says it’s not often he will talk to some of the players on the team, but he and Draymond Green manage to hit it off pretty well.

NBC Sports Bay Area’s Grant Liffmann asked Lacob if he believed Draymond was a direct individual.

Lacob laughed. “What do you think? Yes!”

“He’s very direct, he’s very analytical actually,” Lacob said on the "Dubs Talk" podcast. “Draymond probably will end up -- if he wants to, could be a coach someday, maybe a general manager -- who knows. Could be a broadcaster.

"Draymond’s got a variety of skill sets, he has the capability to do that.”

We caught a glimpse of Draymond working in the media last summer when he joined TNT’s "Inside The NBA" during the playoffs and really gave it to Charles Barkley who also was on set with him.

Draymond, in true form, called out the Phoenix Suns saying Devin Booker needed to leave the team. The crew joked if the three-time All-Star was tampering in which he replied, “Maybe.”

The thought of him as a coach is really intriguing as well. The way he’s taken rookie James Wiseman under his wing has shown that’s a possible career path as well.

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In a tough game for Wiseman against the Los Angeles Lakers recently, you could see a clip of Draymond offering the rookie some advice about watching the ball -- right in front of Lakers star Marc Gasol.


If Draymond chooses another career after playing in the NBA, he’ll be good at any of them, and it just means more time with him.

We love that. 

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