What Dubs' Adams has learned about coaching during pandemic


Warriors assistant coach Ron Adams began his coaching career in 1969 at Fresno Pacific, and basically has seen it all over the last five decades.

The 72-year-old -- who on multiple occasions was voted by the NBA's general managers as the best assistant in the league -- can't possibly learn anything new about basketball, right? 


Watching the resumption of the season in the Orlando bubble has taught him one thing in particular.

“I learned that it is very easy to coach playoff games when sitting in my favorite chair at home," Adams told Ethan Strauss of The Athletic.

Nailed it!

Although yours truly is surprised he didn't close his comment by adding "with a glass of wine in my hand."

Adams, of course, sat on the Warriors' bench for 105 playoff games from 2015 to 2019, as the Warriors won three titles over the span and reached the NBA Finals every year.

Furthermore, he was an assistant for the Milwaukee Bucks when they reached the Eastern Conference finals in 2001, and for the Chicago Bulls when they reached the East finals in 2011.

He did not sit on Golden State's bench during last season's dismal 15-50 campaign, as he transitioned to a new role on Steve Kerr's staff.

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It's unclear exactly what Adams will be doing next season.

As for Warriors associate head coach Mike Brown, he also responded with a joke when Strauss asked him what he has learned about coaching during the pandemic.


“How to use Zoom," he said.


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