Steve Kerr's love of Liverpool FC is no secret, 

The Warriors coach was on the edge of his seat watching the Reds' epic UEFA Champions League comeback against FC Barcelona in May, tweeting "You'll Never Walk Alone" afterward. Kerr even channeled Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp's famous words after that win, calling the Warriors "f---ing giants" after a gutsy playoff win over the Houston Rockets. 

Though Kerr is known to break a clipboard or two, he and Klopp have very different sideline demeanors. The Liverpool manager is consistently demonstrative, but Kerr believes Klopp's passion has a purpose.

"What I like is that he also seems to enjoy it," Kerr told Roger Bennett in The Men In Blazers Steve Kerr special that will air Sunday on NBCSN. "It's not just that he's a madman. He's laughing, and smiling and fist-pumping, and I love the concept of joy in sports. It's one of the most important values to me and the Warriors. Steph Curry -- you watch him play, and there's so much joy.

"It's a powerful emotion, a powerful factor for a great team of any sport. Joy, enjoying what you're doing and the joy of just feeling young and free, and playing."

Klopp and Liverpool enter Sunday's massive match against reigning champion Manchester City with a six-point lead atop the English Premier League table. The Reds set a league record last season with 97 points, the most by a team that didn't win the title, and they have never lifted the trophy at the end of a Premier League season.


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Liverpool did lift the Champions League trophy in June, but Klopp told Bennett earlier this season that he doesn't define himself by wins and losses, but by his effort to improve himself and those around him. Kerr "absolutely" agreed with the manager's philosophy. 

"When you win a championship, it's an amazing feeling," Kerr said. "But, you know, after you celebrate that night, and the next night and you have a parade, go back to your life. You're still waking up in the morning, and taking care of your family, and going about your business and doing your chores. It's not like life just becomes this easy thing. Nothing ends, you're constantly moving forward and what you realize is the feeling and the relationships you have with the players ... last a lifetime, and that's important. And you want those to continue throughout your life."

You can watch Bennett's interview with Kerr in full Sunday at noon PT on NBCSN.