What would intimidate Steph about playing in Ryder Cup?


You wouldn’t imagine Steph Curry being intimidated by anything, let alone his golf game.

The Warriors star’s obsession with golf has been well-known, but he does admit there could be an intimidating factor to playing on the greens, especially during golf's pre-eminent event.

Steph described some of the comparisons when it comes to the outside noise that’s involved in NBA basketball and professional golf. Or lack thereof when it comes to the Ryder Cup. 

“It’s tough, because like if I’m at the free throw line, and you know it’s deathly quiet after 19,000 fans have been going crazy, and then it goes to a hush. Like that would mess with me a little bit. But for these guys, like you said, the atmosphere when you walk out on the first tee, and you’re hearing all the fans go crazy,” Steph said on The Golf Channel on Friday. “They’re giving you the sounds that you do your practice swing, and then it goes down. I can’t imagine what that adrenaline rush is like, and you gotta pipe one down the fairway on that tee shot is probably got to be a great memory for all those guys.”

Steph is providing coverage of the Ryder Cup as an Insider, but his love for golf ultimately is part of why he’s there.

“I know us amateurs feel like that would be one of probably the hardest things to probably have to do in the game of golf is hit a tee shot in front of that many fans,” Curry said.


Steph has said he would be sitting on the bench during one of his games, and thoughts of his next round would swarm his mind. His dad, Dell Curry, would play the game as a hobby, and at an early age, Steph was hooked.

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While he admitted golf was a close second to his love after basketball, Steph also said while he has played in some huge NBA games, including appearing in five NBA Finals, he gets even more nervous for golf tournaments.

"I've played in NBA Finals, I've played in world championships and played with Team USA," Curry told Bleacher Report's Adam Kramer back in November. "I've played in a lot of big games. There is no comparison to how nervous I was on the first tee, standing there with other professionals, trying to compete."

The mental strain the golf game could put on you is different compared to a team sport like basketball, but golf is a major fixation to Steph and he’s developed a reputation with his game on the links. 

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