When asked about nearly leaving Warriors, Iguodala provides... an answer of sorts


When asked about nearly leaving Warriors, Iguodala provides... an answer of sorts

Andre Iguodala joined the Warriors in July 2013.

In July 2017, he nearly left Golden State.

How close was he really to signing with a different team last summer?

"Ah, man. I'm getting at the age where I forget what happened last week," Iguodala answered after shootaround on Monday. "Pretty much at that stage. I'm forgetting my kid's birthday.

"That's when you know you're getting old."

In September, ESPN's Chris Haynes provided a detailed summary of Iguodala's free agency.

Some of the most noteworthy nuggets:

- At the onset of free agency, the Warriors' preliminary three-year, $36 million offer, with a partial guarantee in the final year, was viewed by Iguodala and his camp as a disappointing overture.

- The Rockets left without a commitment, but there was strong sentiment that he was Houston-bound.

- The Warriors were granted a last-minute assembly out of respect ... they didn't know it, but Iguodala's objective in sitting down with them was to personally say goodbye.

In the end, Joe Lacob agreed to give Iguodala a three-year year deal worth $48 million guaranteed.

The 2015 Finals MVP got what he wanted.

"After you win two championships and then you have a realistic opportunity to compete for one yearly, I don't think you can be in a better situation," Iguodala said on Monday.

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Watch Steph Curry dominate basketball challenge on Japanese game show

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Watch Steph Curry dominate basketball challenge on Japanese game show

It's no secret Steph Curry can shoot -- among other things. As a matter of fact, it's so far from a secret, those around the world continue to be in awe of what he can do.

Recently, a video surfaced of the Warriors' All-Star point guard participating on a Japanese game show.

His "challenge" was to shoot from consecutive numbers dispersed on the court. And as you can see, it was hardly a challenge at all:

He shot 20 shots in 80 seconds -- and was given a time of one minute and 40 seconds to accomplish the feat.

Check out the reaction of those who were on set:

Yes, it was so good, we had to get a screenshot. 

Now, we don't 100-percent know what is going on, but it's safe to say they had a good time and now even more people are a believer in Curry.

Not that there was any doubt in the first place. 

Seven wings the Warriors could target with arrival of NBA trade season


Seven wings the Warriors could target with arrival of NBA trade season

Though coach Steve Kerr has said the Warriors are not likely to make a trade, general manager Bob Myers has shown more flexibility on the idea. That’s Myers’ MO. Like most personnel executives, he must be prepared to pivot at a moment’s notice.

The possibilities expanded Saturday, when the NBA trade window opened wide enough to include most players signed over the summer. All indications are the Warriors will observe rather than shop because they have a “trade” in the works.

They’ll be deeper and more formidable after DeMarcus Cousins is cleared for game activity. He is their in-season addition. Though the Warriors have been discreet about revealing a timeline, all hints imply it’s a matter of weeks, not months.

Kerr is not eager to make a move until Cousins has been evaluated. What can the team expect? How smooth is the transition? Why add a big man now if Cousins can play 20 minutes by the end of the month and 25 -- or more -- at some point in January?

So if the Warriors were to make a deal, it likely would involve a wing. They realize a tweak here or there might help. The fragile health of veterans Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston, both currently out, has the front office on alert. If either is out for an extended period, the Warriors have work to do.

Here are, alphabetically, seven wings/forwards on the market, with comment:

Carmelo Anthony (F)

Pros: A very available future Hall of Famer.
Cons: Shooting touch has abandoned him, and he can’t defend a barstool.
Verdict: He’s done.

Alec Burks (F/G)

Pros: Can play three positions, would love to leave Cleveland and he’s 27.
Cons: He’s making $11.54 million this season.
Verdict: He can help.

Vince Carter (F/G)

Pros: Popular future Hall of Famer is still dunking at age 41 for the Hawks.
Cons: Is it ageism to point out he’ll turn 42 next month?
Verdict: He’s worth a listen.

Mario Hezonja (F)

Pros: He’s 23, has some talent and plays with joy with the Knicks.
Cons: His shooting is spotty, and his immaturity might be permanent.
Verdict: Probably not.

Rodney Hood (F/G)

Pros: Plays both ends, is just 27 and is on a one-year Cavs deal at $3.4 million.
Cons: His composure has been an issue.
Verdict: He can help.

Patrick McCaw (G/F)

Pros: Knows the team because he’s on it.
Cons: No indication he wants to be along for the ride.
Verdict: Sure, if he’s in shape and explains the past five months.

Jabari Parker (F)

Pros: Talented enough to be the No. 2 overall pick in the 2014 draft.
Cons: Can’t make the Bulls’ rotation and is making $20 million.
Verdict: Nah, but hope he revives a once-promising career.

So, yes, there are players capable of helping. And the front office isn’t sleeping on them. The Warriors must decide whether they want to pursue them now, or wait until closer to the Feb. 7 trade deadline.