In 2015, Steph Curry won the MVP and James Harden came in second place.

On Monday morning, Curry joined The Dan Patrick Show and had the following exchange:

Patrick: "Who would be your MVP this year?"

Curry: "I'm gonna cop out. You gotta ask me in 16 games when the 82 is over."

Patrick: "How about right now though? If you're not voting for yourself or anybody on your team, just as a basketball fan..."

Curry: "Ummmmm, I'd probably say James (Harden)."

Patrick: "What is it about him that's different from Russell Westbrook as far as value?"

Curry: "Probably not much (in) value. You gotta award the better team I would think, record-wise, as it's kind of gone in the history of the MVP award. So I think James would probably edge him out just off that."

Entering Monday, the Rockets (46-21) are 8.5 games better than the Thunder (37-29)