Where Steph, Warriors ranked on 2021 NBA jersey sales


The latest NBA jersey sales rankings have been released, and to very little surprise, Los Angeles Lakers star -- and Space Jam 2 actor -- LeBron James took the top spot.

Warriors superstar Stephen Curry was ranked at No. 7 in player jersey sales, with the team’s overall merchandise ranking coming in at the No. 9 spot. 

With the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA Finals, naturally, Giannis Antetokounmpo is high up on the list at No. 2, but Steph probably wouldn’t be surprised by that.

Recently, Steph left a funny comment on brgaming’s Instagram account during a clip of the video game, NBA 2K, in which Curry was blocking a lob dunk attempt from Giannis. The real Steph left a comment: "Finally got my revenge from the all star game!!!!"

Curry was referring to the 2017 NBA All-Star Game when Giannis dunked on him.

The two have been known to play video games with each other, all while making fans wonder about what the two talk about when they’re facing each other on the court.

Steph is more known for his shooting, not necessarily his jumping abilities, but the No. 7 spot on the jersey list still is something to brag about. 

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Steph’s former teammate, Kevin Durant, also made the list with his new Brooklyn Nets garb at No. 3. Devin Booker, of the Phoenix Suns, who also made their way to The Finals, lands at the sixth spot. 


These results all are according to NBAStore.com from March 11 through July 13.

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