Andy Samberg is all about those Oakland nights.

The television and movie star, and lead of The Lonely Island, grew up in Berkeley as a huge sports fan. Better yet, a huge A's and Warriors fan, and even rooted for the 49ers growing up as the Raiders bounced around between Oakland and Los Angeles. 

Samberg has been through the good and the bad as a Bay Area sports fan, especially with the Warriors. He was there for the ugly years and went wild for the dynasty. More than anything, though, he was sad to see them move from Oakland to San Francisco ahead of this season. 

"I was upset, I'm not gonna front," Samberg said on the latest episode of "The Bill Simmons Podcast." "I still support them, they're still my team but I'm East Bay. I know what it means to everyone in the East Bay that we had a team there." 

Samberg hasn't been to the Chase Center yet, though he admits he has heard great things about the Warriors' new stadium. His roots are in Oracle Arena. 

Golden State's former home housed Warriors fans for nearly 50 years, from 1971 to 2019. Samberg was seen at several games throughout the years and said he couldn't help but love watching Kevin Durant dominate for his favorite team. But it's bigger than that for him. 

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"It wasn't just the recent years of them being insanely great, it was also the Run TMC years and the Sprewell-Webber years and Rick Barry and all that stuff," Samberg said. "I truly grew up watching the Dubs and loving them. It was definitely bittersweet.

"But, they're still my team. I'm still really excited for next season."