Why Dubs GM Myers hasn't talked to Wiseman about trade rumors

James Wiseman Bob Myers

Bob Myers shortly after the Warriors' 2020-21 season ended made it clear that he expects James Wiseman to be wearing a Golden State uniform next season.

The No. 2 overall pick from the 2020 draft has been discussed in hypothetical trades for many months now, and the rumors are not slowing down as we get closer and closer to Thursday's NBA draft.

Has Bob Myers chatted with Wiseman about all of the outside noise?

"I haven't directly said anything to him," Golden State's president of basketball operations told the media Monday afternoon. "Is that something I should [do]? He's here every day. Should I grab him [and] say, 'Welcome to the NBA?' 

"Klay [Thompson] went through the same thing. Klay got traded 75 times his third year in the league ... I don't know. It's hard. I can. I don't. I haven't. But not for any reason.

"I don't know players' minds because I'm not one. It's a rare player these days that is not mentioned in a trade. Unless you're somebody that's kind of untradable -- whichever those guys are, there's not many. Most players fall into the tradable category.

"And the way the media is now -- this isn't any criticism at all -- but there's a ton of 'sources' and 'heard this, league source this' that puts a lot of players in trades. And you know what? A lot of it is true, but a lot of it isn't.


"So I think it's hard to respond to all that and [say to Wiseman], 'Hey, I saw this tweet -- that's actually not true. That one, I don't know.' You can't do it. It's kind of a no-win situation."

It's safe to assume the Warriors only would part ways with the 7-foot center if they are acquiring a star like Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal.

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The franchise otherwise wants to develop Wiseman -- who should be ready to go when training camp opens in late September -- and believes he can grow into a force.

"I know everybody is impatient [and] wants him to be great now. It just doesn't work that way," Steve Kerr said earlier this month. "But if we continue to develop him and we're having a great season -- that's the whole plan, that's the whole idea.

"Over the long haul, we're gonna develop James and we feel like he's gonna be our starting center at some point for a long, long time."

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