Why Frye sees Warriors rookie Wiseman as 'more aggressive' Embiid

James Wiseman

In the first four games of his NBA career, Warriors center James Wiseman has caught the eye of the entire league, putting up impressive statistics and jaw-dropping plays.

Former player and NBA champion Channing Frye is one of those most in awe of Wiseman's game thus far.

"He's a stud. I saw his first game I said 'this kid is next level'. Just his intuitiveness, his aggressiveness," Frye said on the "Dubs Talk" podcast.

"When he got the block, and then dribbled it down and dunked, it's just like, you don't really see that," Frye said referring to his incredible coast-to-coast slam dunk against the Detroit Pistons on Tuesday.

The 19-year-old 7-footer has busted out the gates hot and has put up solid stats in his first week of NBA action, averaging 12.5 points per game, to go with 5.8 rebounds, 1.5 blocks and an incredible 63 percent from 3-point range.

Frye already sees shades of a current established star in Wiseman's game.

"He could be at this age, a more aggressive Joel Embiid, with his skillset and his athleticism, and his pace of the game where he is moving fast, but it looks like it is moving slow (he gestures to his head)," Frye explained.

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Frye recognizes Wiseman is not nearly a finished product.

"[Wiseman] obviously makes rookie mistakes, that is going to happen. He did not have a Summer League, he didn't have a training camp," Frye said.

However, Frye also sees rare maturity in Wiseman's game that is well beyond his years.


"He's not a hog. He's not just shooting just to shoot like 'I want to get up 20 shots', he values the ball. And that is the biggest thing for rookies, it is valuing possessions and getting the best shot possible," Frye said.

"I think Wiseman is making winning plays in Golden State early. If your rookie can affect a win or a loss early, then his ceiling is going to be crazy."

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