In the end, the Warriors were just glad their nightmare season came to an end.

After going 15-50 with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson sitting on the bench in suits for all but five games, the Warriors mercifully were not invited to the NBA's restart in Orlando. The league invited just 22 teams and the Warriors were more than happy to close the book on their gap year.

The 2020-21 season isn't slated to start until December now, a decision which Dell Curry believes will benefit a dynasty looking to re-emerge from the ashes.

"The time off that Steph and this Warriors team is going to get is going to be greatly beneficial for them heading into next year," Dell Curry said on a conference call for the American Century Championship on Wednesday. "A lot has been made about their injuries and what they went through this year, so having that extended time will really help them.

"I've been talking to Steph, he's excited for next year, talking about how everybody is going to be healthy and rested. The eight teams that did not make, they are trying to find a way to play, participate. The Warriors are not going to do that. They are going to focus on practice. Klay is healthy now, so they are going to work him in slowly. They are thinking they can be contenders, but the West is going be really tough ... Draymond is already fired up. He's already on Instagram talking about he's going to remind people who he was when he made the All-Star team, so he's already thinking about next year and it doesn't start until December."


After five straight seasons playing deep into June, the Warriors needed to rest. With Kevin Durant and Andre Iguodala leaving, they also needed to reshape their team.

While some believed they would contend this past season, once Curry broke his hand in the fourth game of the season, the focus shifted to the future. Thompson's already doubtful return was taken off the table entirely, and Curry's rehab moved along slowly as the losses piled up. The Warriors were content to see what they had on the current roster while giving their championship core time to catch its breath and recharge.

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With the NBA season now pushed back until December, the Warriors will be more than ready to re-enter the title conversation.

Curry, Thompson and Green all still are in their primes and are motivated to prove their run atop the NBA isn't over. The Warriors added Andrew Wiggins to the equation and will have a top-five NBA draft pick to integrate into the roster unless they choose to trade the pick for veteran help.

When they take the floor again, Thompson will have gone almost 18 months between competitive games. Curry will have only played five in that span.

The NBA's former goliath will be itching to show their greatness isn't something to be spoken about in the past tense. A motivated, rested and hungry Warriors squad will take the floor come December. That's bad news for the rest of the NBA.

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