Draymond Green supports Andre Iguodala's Basketball Hall of Fame candidacy. 

That shouldn't be a surprise, considering the two have been Warriors teammates since Iguodala joined Golden State in the 2013 offseason. But Green believes Iguodala's résumé speaks for itself. 

"If the things that people say [actually matter], then how couldn't he be a Hall of Famer?" Green rhetorically asked reporters Tuesday in Oakland. "But we got another championship to win, and then everybody will probably just stop with the debate and just go ahead and say it, so I think we should just do that to help y'all with y'all debates."

Iguodala, a 15-year NBA veteran, has plenty of hardware. He has won three championships, an Olympic gold medal (2012), an NBA Finals MVP (2015) and been an All-Defensive player twice. Iguodala doesn't have gaudy scoring totals, but NBC Sports' Tom Haberstroh argued that the veteran forward's case goes far beyond the box score. 

Plus, Green isn't the only Iguodala associate who believes he's a lock for Springfield. Iguodala's former Philadelphia 76ers teammate, Evan Turner, tweeted Sunday that the veteran is a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

Whether or not Iguodala is inducted might not stress him all that much. At the start of the season, he told reporters in Oakland that he didn't consider himself a Hall of Famer. After the Warriors swept the Portland Trail Blazers in the Western Conference finals, Iguodala was even more blunt with The Athletic's Ethan Strauss.


“None of it matters,” he said at the time. “Does anyone remember any of those speeches other than [Michael] Jordan’s?”

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If anything, the "debate" surrounding Iguodala's candidacy should be tabled until after he retires. That could be as soon as this summer, and then there will be three more years until Iguodala is first eligible for enshrinement. 

In other words, there will be plenty of time for takes one way or the other.