On Feb. 27, 2016, Warriors coach Steve Kerr and Warriors forward Draymond Green nearly got into a physical altercation at halftime of Golden State's game against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Two months later -- during Kerr's NBA Coach of the Year press conference -- he said:

"Draymond -- don't ever change, if you're watching this. Keep yelling at me, I'm gonna keep yelling at you. It's the best. He provides the edge that this team needs. Without Draymond, we'd be in trouble. We would be too quiet, and too nice.

"We need that edge. And when he brings it every day, and we have all that emotion, and that fire, it literally ignites the team."

But let's fast forward to late February 2017, when something happened between Kerr and 2017 Defensive Player of the Year that brought them closer together.

Draymond revealed the details during a recent appearance on Showtime's "All the Smoke" with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson:

"The infamous argument with me and him in OKC. It blew up, which ... it was crazy. But it was after that. To his credit, he (Kerr) learned me. He didn't just throw in the towel. He figured me out. I mean, f--king a million conversations with (Michigan State coach) Tom Izzo just trying to learn me.

"I was at a point where I'm like, 'If he say one more thing to do me I'm about to f--king lose it on him.' He didn't say nothing. I was dying for him to say to say something so I could f--king go crazy. He wrote me a four-page letter. To this day, I can't tell you what the letter says. I read the first f--king line and it said, 'Draymond -- I wanted to write you this letter. I know things are rough right now and we're kind of bumping heads right now and we're at a standstill. You're frustrated and it's starting to boil over.'

"I closed the letter up and threw it away. I say, 'Yo, he know me! He got me figured out ... I don't need to see anything else.' We were in Philly -- I'll never forget. I had literally talked to coach Izzo on the phone. I'm like, 'Coach, I'm about to f--king lose it. I'm f--king sick of Steve.' After I talked to coach Izzo -- I had the letter for a few days, I didn't open it -- I opened the letter, I read the first line and just threw it away. I can't tell you what the rest of it said.

"But it was just cool because I'm like, 'Damn, he figured it out.' He didn't say a word. F--king chess move, bro. I can't argue with a letter ... it was f--king great."

Awesome stuff.

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And remember, last year Kerr did say that 80 percent of his job is being a psychiatrist.

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