Why draft analyst Fraschilla says Warriors should move picks

Bob Myers

For the next three weeks, the question that will be on the mind of every Warriors front office member is: what do we do with the No. 7 and No. 14 picks?

The Warriors have quite a few different directions they could go in. They could keep them both and draft two rookies. They could try and package one of them for a trade. Or, they could package them both. 

To ESPN basketball analyst Fran Fraschilla, the latter is the right move. 

"I think they are going to trade those two picks if they can find the right veteran," Fraschilla told NBC Sports Bay Area's Kendra Andrews and Grant Liffmann in the Dubs Talk Podcast. "That's just my two cents."

"When you have seven and 14, and then you have some assets on your roster right now like (Bob Myers) and the Warriors have, I think everything's in play," Fraschilla said. "I think they're going to be on the phone for the next month. Can they package seven and another player for a veteran? Can they package seven and 14 for a superstar? Maybe not a superstar, but a star player?"

Fraschilla likens what the Warriors are trying to figure out right now to solving a Rubix cube. 

"You're talking about at least 100 different scenarios that they're mulling over in their head in those draft meeting rooms between now and July 29."

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Of course, whether or not the Warriors trade one or both of their first-round picks depends somewhat on what other teams are willing to give for them, and what else they want in the package along with the picks. 


But, how aggressive the Warriors should be in seeking out those trades mainly relies on what they want themselves. And to Fraschilla, if it isn't a top draft pick, the Warriors shouldn't want a new rookie. 

"Let's hope that somebody slides out of the top 5," Fraschilla said, naming Jonathan Kuminga, Keon Johnson and Scottie Barnes as players the Warriors could target if they aren't selected in the first five picks. "But I think when you're Golden State, again, if you have to take a young guy, you're not going to want to. Unless somebody falls to you at seven who you're sure is going to be a star, and none of us have that crystal ball."

Fraschilla's sentiment stems from the fact that the Warriors say they are invested in James Wiseman. Of course, that doesn't mean that Wiseman is off the trade table. He's an asset that could be put in a package to help get the Warriors a solid player. But, if Golden State continues on with Wiseman, they shouldn't be looking to add more undeveloped youth. 

"We got James Wiseman, we still think he's going to be good, and I do too, he can be in a package deal. But if we're going to keep James and roll with James because he is seven feet, let's see if we can take seven and 14 and make a deal for a veteran," Fraschilla said. 

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