Why 'future superstar' Wiseman can extend Steph's career

James Wiseman

When the Warriors landed the No. 2 overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, many pinpointed James Wiseman as the obvious choice should he fall to them. Even though he only played three games in college, Wiseman's potential was just too hard to pass if the Minnesota Timberwolves went elsewhere with the first pick.

According to Hall of Famer Chris Mullin, the Warriors should feel very fortunate that Wiseman was not able to play much of the season for the University of Memphis. 

"If he played a college season, he would have been unanimously the number one choice and they would not have got him," Mullin said on the latest episode of the Dubs Talk podcast.

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Mullin can list Wiseman's incredible physique, athleticism and skill as the reasons why he wanted the Warriors to select the teenage big man in the first place, but now after watching Wiseman play in the first couple weeks in the NBA, Mullin sees that his potential is so much more than that.

"His intellect and feel for the game, all those things, go way past my expectations. He just has a natural feel for the game," Mullin explained.

Mullin went on to elaborate that Wiseman "is so coachable, and not only just coachable, he can make the adjustments and do it the next play."


"I had high expectations, but you know, he is a future superstar," Mullin said.

The San Antonio Spurs drafted Tim Duncan in 1997, adding him to the frontcourt with star David Robinson, which started a consecutive playoff run over two decades. Mullin sees similarities between that situation and the Warriors right now.

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To Mullin, drafting Wiseman is "going to extend Steph [Curry's] career, and Klay [Thompson's] career, and Draymond [Green's] career, to where as they add some other pieces, their sustained success is going to be real."

"If you had Steph, Klay and Draymond getting into their mid-30's, what would you look for? 'I need this 19-year-old incredible athlete,' and you go like, 'that doesn't exist.' You know what, yes it does. We have him," Mullin continued.

"If you are going to pick a guy to help prolong winning and Steph, Draymond and Klay, that would be the guy you go to heaven and go get."