Kevin Durant is no stranger to making life-altering decisions.

Back in 2016, Durant stunned the world when he chose to say goodbye to the Oklahoma City Thunder and join the Warriors. Three years and two NBA championships later, Durant once again packed up his stuff and moved, this time trading in the Bay Area for the glitz and glamour of New York, joining the Brooklyn Nets on a four-year contract. 

Durant has lived a privileged basketball life. Arguably the most gifted scorer in NBA history, Durant has played alongside Steph Curry, Russell Westbrook, James Harden and Klay Thompson. KD came of age in OKC, contending for titles alongside Westbrook and Harden. He then became a champion with the Warriors, helping compile the most talented starting five in NBA history. 

Now that he's a Net, it's fair to ask: Was it harder to leave OKC or Golden State?

For Durant, the answer comes quick and without hesitation.

"Oh, leaving OKC for sure," Durant told Serge Ibaka on Bleacher Report's "How Hungry Are You?" "I mean, I spent eight years there. I built my family there. You know what I'm saying? My whole family lived out there. I done bought houses and did everything there, you know what I'm saying? Like grew up as -- in my 20s. So, it was hard to leave that place and leave like all the equipment guys -- everybody there, the support staff and obviously my teammates. Well, they understood.


"I figured y'all would understand because that's just business, but, like, the other people, I felt a way about and it took me a while to make the decision."

After a season of rumors and speculation, Durant chose to leave the Warriors for the Nets instead of the Knicks. In the end, the decision to leave the Warriors came down to one thing: He could. 

"I mean, it was another opportunity for me to play for another team," Durant told Ibaka of the move. "It wasn't that big of a deal. You know what I'm saying? It was just like, 'I wanna play for the Nets.' It's on the East Coast, close to home, the Nets are solid and it's New York City. I could pick my game up and ply anywhere, so I just did it."

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Durant is expected to sit out the entire season as he rehabs from rupturing his Achilles in Game 5 of the NBA Finals against Ibaka and the Raptors. The Warriors, on the other hand, are getting ready to open their season Thursday when they welcome Kawhi Leonard and the Clippers in the opener at Chase Center. 

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