Why Perkins believes fans of Steph, Bay Area are 'sensitive'


Nearly everybody has an opinion on Steph Curry, and how can you not? The six-time NBA All-Star and two-time MVP led the Warriors to three NBA championships -- and five straight Finals berths -- and is already poised to be a Hall of Famer when he retires. 

However, Curry also takes his (sometimes less than) fair share of criticism, and Warriors fans never cease to stick up for him. It's a common focal point for pundits around the NBA, including 14-year veteran and current ESPN and NBC Sports Boston analyst Kendrick Perkins. 

"Bay Area and Steph Curry fans, you all are so sensitive," Perkins said to NBA Sports Bay Area's Grant Liffmann on a recent episode of the "Dubs Talk" podcast. 

Perkins, who won the 2008 NBA title with the Boston Celtics, went on to elaborate further.

"People praise Steph Curry," he said. "I coach a third-grade team and they talk about Steph, they talk about Kyrie Irving. My sons talks about Steph and Kyrie, all the time. These are iconic figures. No one is knocking them whatsoever.

"But the minute somebody holds Steph accountable, for one little thing, it's the end of the world." 

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Perkins went on to dive into the differences in basketball eras, and why that could lead to Curry criticism, but he isn't buying it. 

"Steph doesn't have anything else to prove," Perkins said. "If Steph walked away from the game right now, his legacy is already defined and cemented. He's an all-time great."


"Steph Curry is Steph Curry," he added. "He changed the game. He doesn't have to show me nothing else ever again." 

Well, at least Bay Area fans would agree on that. 

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