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Barnes believes Dubs' season was success, team has one more run

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Steph Curry

Despite being knocked out of the NBA play-in tournament and missing the playoffs, Steve Kerr was adamant that the Warriors' season was a success.

That statement has been somewhat controversial, but former Warrior Matt Barnes agrees with the coach.

"I completely agree it was a success," Barnes said on ESPN's "The Jump" on Tuesday. "Steph had a great year and he stayed healthy. He's coming into next season healthy. Draymond did the same thing. Like [Vince Carter] said, the young guys got valuable minutes. I love [Jordan] Poole, love Juan Toscano-Anderson, saw flashes from Andrew Wiggins particularly in the play-in game that I really liked; young [Kelly] Oubre, [James] Wiseman they are trending in the right direction.

"After coming off a dynasty run, losing [Kevin Durant], losing [Klay Thompson] for two years. I think everyone expects so much to happen so fast and it's going to be a process. I agree you do have some roster issues but overall trending in the right direction and you got out of there with your two best players still healthy. Hopefully, Klay comes back and regains his form soon and I think this Warriors team has one more run. They may still need one more piece, but I think they have one more run before Steph and Klay are done."

The Warriors struggled to find themselves early on, but found an identity over the final third of the season, buoyed by a legendary run from Curry and one of the NBA's best defenses.


Kerr said he was confident that run wasn't a fluke and is something the Warriors can build on going into next season.

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After spending two seasons outside the championship hunt, this offseason is critical as the Warriors look to maximize the remaining years of Curry's prime.

The return of Thompson will help, but won't cover up all of the Warriors' warts. President of basketball operations Bob Myers noted Golden State would look to add veteran help to a roster that had little playoff experience outside of Curry, Draymond Green and Kevon Looney.

With Curry, Thompson and Green in their 30s and headed toward the end of their primes, the Warriors must do everything they can to surround them with role players fit to contend for a championship.

Barnes believes they can do it, but everything hinges on this offseason.

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