Why Steph being 'regular dude' is important to Paschall


Despite not sharing a lot of time on the court with him, Eric Paschall still was able to learn a lot from the legend that is Steph Curry during his rookie season.

“He’s like a regular dude, and I feel like that’s important because everyone sees him as a superstar, and he is -- obviously but he’s a great dude,” Paschall said during Warriors’ media availability on Friday. “He’s good to go to if you have any questions and he’s always looking out for his teammates.”

Curry played in just five games during the 2019-20 season after he broke his non-shooting hand, but Paschall said even while Curry was watching courtside, he could understand why he was difficult to defend.

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Curry’s constant movement, combined with Paschall’s shooting and passing ability, will create a perfect marriage on the court this upcoming season. 

Curry watched as Paschall put up a show on his 23rd birthday last Nov. 4, as the rookie dropped 34 points and 13 rebounds against the Portland Trail Blazers. “MVP” chants ensued and Steph tweeted out how the Villanova product was “on another level.”

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Paschall loved it.

We can’t wait to see what these two create this season.