Steph jokes Ayesha won't allow 'wild child' Canon to golf

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There is a good chance that Canon Curry will follow in his father's footsteps ... on the fairway.

The 3-year-old son of Warriors superstar Steph Curry has an affinity for golf, as does his father.

Curry joined NBC Sports Bay Area's Monte Poole on the latest episode of "Race in America: A Candid Conversation," where he discussed, among many things, both his and his son's love for the game.

"Not on the course yet," Curry said, indicating that Canon isn't allowed on the golf course yet. "He is a wild child. I don't think my wife [Ayesha] would trust me that he would make it home because he might get lost on the course. I would be swinging and he would be running around to different holes, talking to people, stealing the golf cart. He's a wild child, he's a lot of energy. We have a backyard where he can get some swings in.

"He loves it, and when I come home, that's kind of the first thing he says -- 'Daddy, can we go play golf?' He knows I play basketball and he's been to a couple games, and he's been able to enjoy watching me play with my jersey on and be out there hooping and all that. But golf is possibly his first."

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Curry notoriously is a big golfer, having appeared in numerous tournaments over the years, including the widely popular "The Match" alongside Hall of Fame QB Peyton Manning, as the two faced off against NBA Basketball Hall of Famer Charles Barkley and golf legend Phil Mickelson in November 2020.


Whether or not Canon ends up choosing to play golf, basketball or maybe even both, he'll have a great mentor at his disposal.

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