How 'showmen' Steph, Klay wowed Draymond at Japan 3-point contest


Warriors fans at Saitama Super Arena in Japan were treated to watching Steph Curry and Klay Thompson pair up in a 3-point contest last weekend.

To everyone's delight, the Splash Brothers combined to knock down 17 of 22 3-point attempts, handily beating Warriors teammates Jordan Poole and Moses Moody in the contest.

Draymond Green has watched teammates Curry and Thompson splash treys for a decade. But even he was dazzled by the performance.

"That day, we had the court dedication, I think Klay had another appearance," Green said on "The Draymond Green Show." "It was a long process to finally get to the moment that you all saw, the 3-point contest.

"Those guys didn’t get a chance to stretch. They didn’t get a chance to warm up. It was just like, sitting there, watching all this stuff and, ‘Alright, it’s time to shoot.’ ... And then you saw what you saw, which was Steph go absolutely ballistic. And then Klay pick it up and go absolutely ballistic. And why was that incredible to me?

"No matter how great those guys shoot, you have to be a showman to do that. When you go and you haven’t stretched and you haven’t warmed up ... and you can go do that?

"That’s just like, ‘I just need to give this crowd something to cheer about. I just need to give them something to be happy about.’"

Curry started off the contest by knocking down nine of 11 shots from downtown, even mixing in a no-look triple on the money ball in the corner. Thompson took it from there and knocked down eight to secure the win.



"That’s the thing that actually wins you championships," Green said. "That’s the thing that actually makes those guys who they are.

" ‘Oh, there’s a crowd here? Oh, they want a show? No problem, I’ll do that.' That’s a whole other level of mastery."

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Now back from their travels to Japan, Green, Curry and Thompson take the Warriors' preseason showcase back to Chase Center for a clash against the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday.

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