Why Curry picks Alex Morgan’s ‘night night’ celly as favorite


When Steph Curry began the “night night” celebration during the Warriors’ run to an NBA championship this past season, little did the 34-year-old know he was starting a movement. 

Out of the many “night night’s” caught on video this summer, Curry admitted to Boardroom's Nick DePaula that the celebration done by USWNT star Alex Morgan after defeating Canada to win the CONCACAF championship was his favorite. 

“Alex Morgan is probably my favorite because she had the [CONCACAF Women’s Championship] trophy with her and hit the “Night Night,” and we were able to post it,” Curry told DePaula.

All summer, from kids to fellow professional athletes, there’s been an uptick in using the “night night” celebration. 

“It’s the best, because some are taking it to new extremes that I would never feel comfortable doing in the league,” Curry told DePaula. 

Furthermore, Curry credits those not only using his celebration but being creative enough to add their touch, which has led to some viral moments

“It’s dope to know how far the reach is. I’ve told people before I know there’s people that did the symbol before me,” Curry added. 

“But to know that you cemented a moment that’s on the biggest of stages, and people are inspired by it and want to have fun with whatever they’re doing with it — they’ve taken their own spin on it and have had some creativity with it.


"Every time I see it, I still crack a smile because it makes me go back to our playoff run and just how powerful sports are in terms of the collective community and everybody being inspired by what everyone else is doing. To know that they were watching and taking it to their arenas is dope."

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Curry is cementing his legacy in the NBA, already having four championships. Still, the Warriors star has also ensured that those who might not follow basketball know who he is through the viral celebration. 

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