Why Steph respects Buster's choice to retire on own terms


Buster Posey surprised many sports fans across the Bay Area when he elected to retire from baseball after 12 decorated seasons with the Giants. 

Steph Curry is just a year younger than the Giants star, and spoke to reporters after the Warriors' win over the New Orleans Pelicans about seeing Posey's career come to a close.

"It's so cool to see somebody be able to go out on their own terms, with hopefully no regrets and a wild resume under his belt," Curry said postgame. "Not just the accolades and the championships, but there's always a feeling of somebody who represented one organization for his entire career and did it with class the entire time.

"It's pretty awesome to stand up on a podium when your career is over and ride off into the sunset on your own terms, that's dope."

Similar to Posey, Steph has spent his entire 13-season NBA career with the Warriors. Curry has made it clear in recent years that he aspires to spend his full NBA tenure in the Bay Area, and signed a four-year contract extension in August.

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As Steph quipped at the end, he hopes to be able to retire on his own terms as well, but is not planning on doing so anytime soon.

Posey and Curry arguably are the Bay Area's two most successful team sport athletes of the past decade, and both are remarkably popular locally.


A few years down the road, we likely will see Curry in a similar position, sitting at the same podium and reflecting on his own stacked NBA resume.

Warriors fans hope they won't be seeing that day for a long time.

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