Steph explains why Riley doesn't want to pursue basketball


The NBA world was introduced to Steph Curry's oldest daughter Riley pretty early on, as she made an adorable appearance alongside her dad during an NBA Finals press conference.

There often were times when Steph himself was a child that he would be seen on the sidelines of NBA games with his father, Dell. Considering all of Curry's kids can be seen at Warriors games spending time with their father, ESPN's Rachel Nichols asked Steph whether his children will be following the same path he and his younger brother Seth did.

"My oldest, I asked her if she wanted to play basketball and it was a firm no," Curry told Nichols. "I asked her why and she said she doesn't want to get hurt because she's seen me have so many injuries and coming home with the hand cast and the butt pad and sprained ankles and all that. So I said 'I'm sorry I scared you away from the game on that front.'

"But, you'll see either my five-year-old or my two-year-old definitely playing at some point. They're definitely interested and they're obsessed with the game, so we'll see how it goes."

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Curry has three children: daughters Riley (8) and Ryan (5) and a son, Canon (2).

Over his 12-year NBA career, Curry certainly hasn't been immune to the injury bug. As he mentioned, he dealt with numerous ankle injuries early in his Warriors tenure. Over the past two seasons, he has broken his hand and suffered a painful tailbone contusion, both of which have forced him to miss time.


Basketball can be a brutal game, as the Warriors have learned over the past few seasons. 

It will be fun to see whether Ryan or Canon end up taking up basketball as they get older, but it's not hard to imagine Riley will be successful in doing whatever she ends up pursuing.

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